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Lilleshall Squash and Racketball Club’s - Golf Day 2014

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This year we were lucky to have two additions to the eight intrepid squash/golfers from last year making it ten members. We assembled at The Chesterton Valley Golf Club with the sun shining, more often than it did last year. The round was completed without waterproofs.

I was fortunate enough to play with Ade “Timberland” Smith and we teed off first (organisers prerogative) Ade “Timberland” who is the first player to have had a minus 30 yard drive, having set the ball off with his “trusty” 3 wood he hit a tree some 40 yards down the fairway and the ball rebounded 30 yards behind us on the white tee. Needless to say the 3 wood never came out of the bag for the rest of the game relying on his “trusty” 5 iron a trend which was replicated in another group behind us with Keith.

The course had not changed any and was still as tiring on the old legs as last year, though one person who was chauffeured around the course by Bill like a Middle Eastern potentate was as fresh as a daisy when he finished his round. No names, but he also has a very trusty 5 iron and was out driving players who were using drivers and can be seen in the left hand picture bowing to his group.

Second group out at the Eighteenth   And last but not least the last group in.

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We had a few beers at Chesterton and prizes were awarded to the winners along with commemorative ball markers to all participants. Then eight of us retired to The Mason’s Arms in nearby Kemberton village, where a splendid meal was enjoyed by us all. We all agreed it had been another success with the perfect weather making it even more enjoyable and will certainly be repeated in the future and has become a permanent fixture on the calendar.

A few beers after with Ade “Timberland”   The winners Stuart Walker and Pete Langston offering Pete a few tips on driving.

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Many thanks for the support gents, I will see you all next time plus many more players hopefully!

Roy Fisher


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