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The eight intrepid squash/golfers from the club assembled at The Chesterton Valley Golf Club at around one o’clock on Friday May 10th 2013 for the inaugural golf day.

As we prepared to tee off (with lots of banter going on). By some miracle the clouds parted and we were all bathed in sunshine. This euphoria was however not to last, for as we approached the 4th tee the heavens opened and the waterproofs had to be deployed by all and sundry. This did not dampen our spirits as we carried on stoically as only squash players can do.

The banter which started on the first tee carried on throughout the afternoon, certainly in the first group as one member of the four ball was often seen walking on his own, many yards and sometimes fairways apart, what his misdemeanour was, we never did discover, though some say he could shank a golf ball as good as anybody.

In our group the bandit was making his presence felt, “I have not played for five years” and then proceeded to deposit his ball on the green six feet from the pin from the tee on a par three hole.

Though it was a long day on the golf course with some tired legs at the end of the round, there was still time to relax over drinks and a splendid meal at The Mason’s Arms in nearby Kemberton village. where prizes and commemorative trophies were awarded to the winners of this historic event. We all agreed it had been a huge success and will certainly be repeated in the future, no doubt becoming an annual event.

... and of course, the obligatory group photo (please click to enlarge) :-

The winners showing off their spoils of the day - Paul Evans and Peter Williams.

Thanks very much to Roy Fisher for his report.

Roy wanted to thank the players for their support. He looks forward to seeing the gang next time plus many more players hopefully.





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