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Lilleshall Squash & Racketball club stepped up to the mark last Saturday in support of the bid to include squash as a sport in the 2020 Olympics.

The regular Saturday junior squash coaching session normally hosted by Les Bywater, Garth Tozer, Dave Moffat and Helen Bywater welcomed a few adult players to compete for points for this global Olympics day. Two virtual teams were established - 'Team Squash' and 'Team 2020'.

The two teams battled it out over a number of matches consisting of one game to 20 points in order to add to the worldwide tally of points. This all contributed to a demonstration of the continued popularity of squash as a sport and to hopefully add leverage to the case to include squash in the 2020 Olympics.

A very enjoyable session was had by all perhaps with the exception of Jeremy Haigh who unfortunately sustained an injury to his knee which might see him out of action for some time. We wish him well.

Special thanks to Les and Helen for organising, to Roy Fisher who attended and to all those who came along to support.

Joining the juniors were :-

Andy Payne
John Perry
Nigel Bolley
Simon Wiser
Jeremy Haigh
Mat Williams
Stephanie Seymour
Andy Reed

The points scored :-

  Team Squash Team 2020
POINTS WON 338 347
... and of course, the obligatory group photo (please click to enlarge) :-





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