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It is time to say farewell and bon voyage to our friend Bernard Biggs. He has now moved south to a new home and new life closer to his extended family.

He has spent many months lovingly restoring his new family home and we wish him and his wife Frances many happy years living there.

Bernard has been an active member of LSRC for many years not only on club nights but also as a regular committee member.

Bernard especially enjoyed the competitions and his social games. He volunteered as marker for some tournament games and was known to have made one or two speeches at important events during the club's history.

He also enjoyed his Friday evenings with the 'Friday gang' and the socialising afterwards at various watering holes. It was at one of these recent Friday sessions that he enjoyed a leaving do with his mates (see collage photo below courtesy of Dave Frost - click to enlarge).


We will all miss him and wish him well.





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Club Chairman: 01952 812655

Club Treasurer: 01952 255885


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