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It was the 27th June 2010 a hot sticky sultry Sunday afternoon an hour after the England football team had again sunk to new low levels and let the Germans score another victory over us in the World Cup Hence it was with a heavy heart that 22 Badminton and Squash players arrived at Lilleshall Sports Centre to do battle over the two sports and vent their collective anger out on a piece of cork with feathers and a little rubber ball.

The Challenge had been made to the Squash Club that we play each other at our respective sports the squash players playing badminton and vice versa. It was a fiercely fought encounter with many squash players realising what a difficult game that badminton was, the shuttlecock “did not bounce” and “had feathers attached to it” and to make matters worse it arrived from over a net (what is this net half way down the court) at the most peculiar angles that you least expected and conversely the badminton players thought the squash ball was a piece of rubber that arrived too quickly and “bounced” and even “off the walls”. The first half of the challenge saw the squash club lose to the badminton club; with no quarter given nor expected their superior play overwhelmed us. So with squashed tails between their legs we all decamped to the squash courts where the temperature was cooler than in the oppressive Badminton Hall. Now it was the turn of the squash club to turn the screw on the badminton players. There was a sterling performance from the youngest squash player Luke Bywater all of 11 years old, every winning stroke he made was heralded by huge cheers from the watching throngs of players and supporters. He was quietly pleased when he came off court victorious. Pete Williams was actually seen to be moving as the photo proves. Greg struggled with a badminton player 2 foot taller than himself. Garth took on a badminton coach proving victorious. However some of the badminton players were very much dark horses and had obviously played the game before and made some of our players stretch more than they expected on what supposed to be a social intercourse. (Foul I hear you cry) each and everyone agreed however it was all good fun and had a great time and it was obvious that the participants and spectators had enjoyed the challenge. After a quick shower everyone who had played and even the spectators needed liquid refreshment so it was down to “The Wheatsheaf” hostelry for beer and sandwiches and to swap stories as to how the challenge had gone. The proceedings were only briefly interrupted by two local constables trying to sniff out trouble. Paul Evans expressed his thanks to the organisers Glyn and Kath Thomas and hoped all had enjoyed themselves and it was suggested by one of the badminton players that this should become an annual event and there were no dissenters so watch this space for next year’s report. It has been rumoured that rash promises were made by some old retired playing members (or member) may take part next year. I believe some training may be required before then however. In conclusion though more rumours abound that the badminton players picked up wins in squash and are claiming victory, (no scores were kept in either arena) so this area of the afternoon is a clouded issue. As was announced on the night it is my belief that the challenge was an honourable draw.

Photos and Story courtesy of your intrepid correspondent in the field Roy Fisher.

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